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As a single father, McArthur Jefferies is grateful to the Y for its after-school child care program at Woodville Elementary School. “I wanted to get him involved in an after-school program. I was very happy when the Y came to Woodville,” he said.
In addition to assisting Jalen with his homework, McArthur says the Y has also helped him deal with the loss of his mother and bullying at school. “It’s comforting to have Jalen here at the Y. I know that people here are really helping him to succeed. Being in a program like this really helps him.”
“I would recommend the YMCA After-School program to other parents. It gives kids something to do after school that’s safe and in a good environment. I wish more kids would get involved.”
The YMCA of Greater Richmond dedicates itself to being champions for the children from Creighton Court who attend Woodville Elementary School. In addition to the traditional offerings of after-school care, the program, offered at no cost to 27 students, includes a special focus on literacy and a hot meal before the Y bus takes students home. You can give back to our community by volunteering your time and/or making a contribution to the Y.

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