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“The Y has many diverse programs that help us.”

Sharon and Michael Dennehy are the parents of 12 kids – three biological and nine adopted from different countries.
“Every member of our family can do things [at the Y]. Our daughter in the wheelchair can swim and that’s a great way for her to get exercise. She gets to feel what it’s like to move on her own instead of being stuck in the chair and having someone else have to move her,” said Sharon.
The other Dennehy children also participate in Y programs, including soccer, gymnastics and wellness. Their parents say the Y has boosted their self-esteem and helped them focus on their abilities, not their differences. “Their confidence level has increased dramatically…,” said Michael. “They’re more active and happy to be moving.”
Every day, more than 19,000 families come to the YMCA of Greater Richmond to build stronger bonds, achieve greater work/life balance and become more engaged with their communities.


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