Posted on April - 8 - 2013 2 Comments

Bud wanted to stay as active as he could in his golden years, then he got the news that he had Parkinson’s disease. At that moment, the Y became central to his quality of life. “Our daughter told us about the Parkinson’s Exercise class offered at the Y. We immediately joined so he could take advantage of the program,” said Martue, Bud’s wife.

Three days a week, Bud participates in the class to maintain his strength, balance and overall well-being. “Exercise is second only to the medication used in Parkinson’s. While Parkinson’s is a progressive disease, I feel like I’m coping with it very well. The support is phenomenal here at the Y.”

Bud and Martue say they look forward to working with other Y members to try and improve the quality of life for Parkinson’s patients. “If you have no one to associate and get support from when you have any kind of disease, you sort of feel left out in the cold. This program has definitely helped Bud and certainly slowed down the progression of the disease,” said Martue.

The YMCA of Greater Richmond offers medically-based classes for many conditions. Our programs increase an individual’s strength, flexibility and endurance allowing them to live more safely and securely with their condition.

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